Public Service

NBEMS Emergency Communication

The NARC provides education and training in NBEMS communications,
from setup and operation, and an HF and VHF training net, Specializing in the fldigi suite of programs. We have a special interest Group, called the NARC D-Sig, which is designed to get you up and running in the
soundcard digital modes. We also have Sunday afternoon Digital
NBEMS net on 40 meters. 7.0725 MHz, in Olivia 500 mode,
Waterfall at 1500 Hz

For further information, contact Mike N3LI

fldigi NBEMS program

Or to join our Narc D-Sig group, go here to our Yahoo group.

Keystone Country MS-150 Bike Ride

Every year the NARC provides communications, coordination, and vehicle tracking for the Keystone Country Multiple Sclerosis MS-150 bicycle ride. NARC and the ARES work closely with the Holidaysburg chapter of the MS Society. During the 150 mile ride, each support vehicle and repair truck is radio dispatched with a ham volunteer utilizing one of several regional repeaters. Of particular note, each support/repair vehicle is equipped with an APRS tracking unit. The entire bicycle ride is coordinated through a command center, where every mobile unit is tracked on an electronic map display. Should an emergency occur, emergency response personal can be vectored directly to the accident site in the shortest possible time without any ambiguity. The MS ride director and the tail-end follow vehicle are also equipped with APRS tracking units.

Wilderness 101 Bike Race

NARC also provides support for the Wilderness 101 Bike Race, an off road race through the mountains of Central Pennsylvania, where there is no other communications outside of Amateur Radio.

The race is headquartered in Coburn PA, and NARC operators set up stations at various points along the race course.

Alpha Fire Company Santa Tracker

Each Christmas eve, the NARC provides APRS tracking for Santa Claus as he rides through the streets of State College on an Alpha Fire Company fire truck. Children can watch Santa Claus on the internet as he progresses through the streets of State College. Mom and dad know ahead of time when Santa will be arriving on their street, so the children can be ready to go outdoors and get their candy from Santa's helper elves. Santa appears as a fire truck moving along a street map of State College..

NARC APRS Digipeater

The Nittany Amateur Radio Club operates and maintains a digital repeater (W3YA digipeater) for APRS (144.390 MHz) located five miles south of State College, PA. Situated at 2100 feet elevation, the digipeater serves the entire State College region For more on that check out the APRS link in the sidebar..