The Workbench

I was not born knowing everything already, few people were. So we learn how to do things and grow our knowledge.

We endeavor to provide activities that allow Amateurs to learn more about Radio, and electronics in general.


We hold these activities for our members at various places, but very often at the mountaintop station during our warmer weather activity days.

We've held soldering classes, antenna construction classes, and this year are holding a Software defined Radio class where participants build and operate their own Softrock Lite II receivers.

If you missed one or another class, let us know, and we'll hold it again as we get participants.


The links don't work yet - patience is advised.


Ultra Cheap 1/4 wave 2 meter Ground Plane antenna


Ridiculously Cheap 3 element 2 meter Yagi-Uda antenna


Software Defined Radio Project


D-Sig Soundcard Mode Group


Soldering Classes


Any Ideas? send Mike a note