85 Repeater
User Features and Instructions

NOTE – You must identify with your call sign when you access any of the repeater features. This is an FCC requirement.

The 85 repeater has many user features designed to enhance your communications experience. The following is a list of these features and how to use them.

Time of Day Request

Key-up, and enter the time of day access code ( 8 * ). Un-key, and the voice synthesizer will announce the time. Example: The voice will say: “THE TIME IS 2:30 PM - GOOD AFTERNOON.”

DTMF Key-pad Test

Key-up, and enter the DTMF keypad testing code ( 5 * ) followed by the keypad numbers and letters to be tested. The entries can be in any order. Un-key, and the voice will read-back all numbers and letters that were decoded including the “STAR” and “POUND”. Note: The “D” key cannot be tested because it is reserved for future applications

Signal Report

Key-up and enter the Signal Report code ( 7 * ). Un-key, and the voice will say: “START TEST NOW”. Key-up again and speak for up to seven seconds. Un-key and the repeater will play back your transmission exactly as it is heard on the repeater. You instantly know how your signal sounds through the repeater.

Autopatch Access

Key-up, and enter the autopatch access code ( 2 * ) followed by the telephone number. Do not un-key between the 2 * access code and the telephone number. Un-key, and the voice will read back the phone number. The dial tone will be confirmed and then the phone number will be dialed. A series of beeps will be generated to indicate dialing-in-progress. If the number read-back is incorrect, enter the autopatch disconnect code right after the read-back or after the beeps. This will terminate the autopatch and prevent a wrong number.

Autopatch Phone Number Read Back Suppression: To suppress the phone number read back, key-click your microphone when you hear the voice say: “AUTOPATCH”. The repeater will skip the read-back and will immediately start to dial the number.

Autopatch Termination

To terminate (end) the autopatch, key-up, enter the autopatch termination code ( 2 * ), and announce “autopatch clear.” Un-key, and the autopatch will terminate with a voice announcement. Example: “AUTOPATCH COMPLETED.”

Emergency Autopatch - 911 Access

Key-up, and enter the emergency number ( 911 ). Un-key, and the voice will read back “Centre County Emergency 911 access” after which the repeater will dial the number. You may also dial ( 2 * 911 ).

Other Emergency Autopatch Numbers

The 85 repeater can dial the following emergency services by entering the 900 series codes as listed. Simply key in the three-digit number to access these services

910 – Huntingdon County Emergency Dispatch Center

911 – Centre County 911 Emergency Dispatch Center

912 – Pennsylvania State Police, Rockview Division

913 - Centre County Non-Emergency police assistance

914 – Penn State Campus Police

Autopatch User Speed Dial Access

Key-up, and enter the speed dial access code ( * ) followed by the two-digit speed dial number. Un-key, and the voice will read back the personalized call letters assigned to that speed dial location, and then dial the telephone number. The speed dial number consists of the speed dial code, and a two digit number 01 through 99. Speed dial numbers are assigned by the autopatch control operator. Contact a member of the control operator team for assignment of a speed dial number and personalized call sign identifier.

Autopatch Timer

Each autopatch call is limited to 3 minutes, after which the timer will expire and the autopatch will terminate. Warning beeps indicate the timer is about to expire. In addition, the autopatch has a 30 second activity timer in which the autopatch user must key their microphone every 30 seconds, or the autopatch will terminate. This protects against the autopatch user driving out of range. During special operations the autopatch timer will be extended as needed.

Autopatch Timer Extend

If during an autopatch, additional time is needed, key-up and send the timer extend code ( * 1 ). This will reset the autopatch timer, and the voice will say: “AUTOPATCH TIMER RESET”

Reverse Autopatch

The reverse autopatch is used only during a declared emergency. At that time, the Office of Emergency Management may use the reverse autopatch to coordinate emergency operations.

Bulletin Announcements

NARC items of interest, such as meeting notices, testing sessions, social functions, or emergency information, can be accessed via the advanced 85 repeater’s bulletin announcement service. Three bulletins are normally active. Bulletin #1 pertains to regularly scheduled NARC events, i.e. membership and board meeting notices. Bulletin #2 pertains to items of special interest, such as testing sessions, special meetings, field day, etc. Bulletin #3 pertains to the bi-weekly ham radio breakfast. Bulletins are broadcast daily and can be user accessed any time. To access the bulletins, key up and press ( B * ). Un-key and the repeater will play all three bulletins. Bulletins automatically reset when finished. All bulletins are broadcast daily at 7:15 PM. The ham breakfast bulletin is broadcast every Saturday morning at 8:30 AM. Bulletin announcements are updated frequently