The 2016 PAQSO Party
October 08 and 09, 2016

Bonus Station this year is W3UU
operated by the
Harrisburg Radio Amateurs Club

Come celebrate HRAC's 70th Anniversary with them during the 2016 PAQSO Party


PAQSO Party Records updated


2016 PAQSO Party Records

Any corrections? Let me know


2015 Pennsylvania QSO Party
Results Posted

PAQSO Party 2015 results


News for Mobile and Rover Ops

Some information on how to score your operation so that the final score doesn't come as a big surprise.


The Mailed-in Summary Sheet is Still History

The dreaded mailed in summary requirement has gone away. It is History. While you can still mail in your summary if you wish, we think you might just enjoy e-mailing it in a little better. You can email your summary and log sheet to

Remember you still need a summary, but it can be e-mailed


The Party Store

You can purchase 67 county plaques or make donations here - just follow the link


Sponsors can now pay their Sponsor contribution via PayPal or their major credit card. Just go to the sponsors page and it's all there at the bottom of the page


Memory Lane

Here are some previous Party results

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